Author: Marc Aubry


Align Your Ducks!

In my last article, I explained what Digital should mean to any organization that wants to go “digital”. 5/10 times, the intentions are wrong, and misconceptions lead to either a failed endeavor or a complete mess. Now assuming you got the 5 key questions answered properly (amongst others), here are...

July 21, 2020

The Frustration of Digital Basics

Going Digital! This is what is now officially the flavor of the century. When in fact, it has been a strategy that existed since the mid-90s, yet with a snail’s-pace adoption; and the reasons are many: understanding, what it means, what’s the value, costs associated, etc. The current economic climate...

July 18, 2020

WaHoo.. My new site is Live!

Well here I am….again! After the first version of the website, I have been blessed with many comments and suggestions on design, coding and other titbits. I hope you enjoy the new website and keep coming back for more news. Don’t forget that you can catch me on LinkedIn I...

July 15, 2020